Amsterdam, amazing place


We have been on long weekend trips to Amsterdam for a few years now, looking forward to November when we return.
This is a short story that happened in 2013.
The red light district (RLD) is either looked on as seedy and horrid, or cosmopolitan and exciting, yes there are a few areas that aren’t to most people’s taste, but it is actually a really safe place so long as you don’t do anything stupid.
We have been a number of times over the years, and on a Saturday night in 2013 we went out as usual for a little drink, walk around the RLD and maybe pop into baba’s coffee shop. We have done all the sex shows and there kinda tame, but later in the night we walked past a club and stopped, it seemed lively with people in and out a lot, so we agreed to pop in and take a look.
The club turned out the be a theatre, sex films being shown on the main floor with stairs leading up, so we sat down to watch a little and see what it was. There were a lot more men than women as you would expect, but a few minutes after sitting down a girls head popped up in front of us. We looked at each other and laughed, she had been sucking her guys cock while he sat up watching the sex film. I put my hand onto my wife’s knee and slide in up her skirt, it was pretty dark, it was Amsterdam, it was a sex theatre, and it wasn’t out of place. She sat back and opened her legs more. Now when me and my wife go out, she very rarely wears and panties, on this occasion she was, so I had to pull them aside a little to touch her warm moist pussy. She by this time was undoing my jeans and trying to get my cock out, she wasn’t doing well, so she turned towards me and used both hands, when she had it free, she lowered her head and started to suck me off.
Within a minute, a few guys had came over to watch both U.S. and the couple in front, now this was fine, but very shortly we were surrounded by guys and it started getting a bit awkward, they kept asking to touch or fuck her, and this wasn’t fun anymore, so I tapped her and said ‘come on let’s go’, it was so overcrowded that we left and put it down to experience. Walking out, I said ‘what’s upstairs?’, ‘don’t know !’ She replied, so we went to look, after all we had paid enough to get in, may as well see what’s up there.
On the next floor was guys walking around, lots of small rooms. They were peep show rooms, one of the doors we’re ajar so we went inside, small dark room with not much going on at all, but I was happy to get away from the crowd downstairs and still had a hard-on, so I locked the door, kissed the wife and lifted her skirt up as I turned her round, she bent over and I stuck my cock into her wet pussy. At the exact same time I pushed my cock into her, someone pushed there cock through a hole in the wall, we hadn’t even seen the holes, but there were 4 gloryholes two on each side. My wife hadn’t seen this guys cock sticking out of the wall, I was thinking of telling her when she looked up and seen it herself. She put her head back down and I carried on fucking her while watching the peep show. Seconds later another cock came though another hole, the first cock was average and semi erect, this was a little smaller but stuck up solid, but was closer to me than my wife, her head was facing the back and she turned around a little to get more room to open her legs.
We left the two cocks alone, although I was going to ask her to give the first guys cock a play, I decided to watch the show and fuck her myself.
It was about 3 or 4 minutes later, the first guys semi-hard cock vanished, and about 10sec after that a much much bigger cock appeared from the same hole, Jesus ! I thought, I thought I was above average, this guy was huge. As I’m thinking this, my wife had noticed this guys massive cock hanging out through the hole and immediately grabbed it with one hand, she was hanging onto it like it was a winning lottery ticket or something. That really got me excited and still fucking her from behind she started wanking this massive cock infront of her. Pretty soon I shot my load of cum into her, and pulled out. She still had the guys cock in hand and knelt down to let my cum drip from her and get two hands around his large meat. She looked at me and said ‘get me a condom’ and smiled. I said ‘ok, lock the door, I’ll be two min’ and I left to go to front desk where the condoms are free. I ran back up, and along the corridor I couldn’t remember which room it was, I knocked on the one i thought and the wife opened it, I started to unwrap the condom and noticed there were three cocks sticking through the walls, my wife had hold of the massive one, but there was another huge one one the other side, she turned to take them both, one in each hand, I smiled and asked ‘which one you like ?’, she looked at them both and said ‘both’. I went to pass her the condom but she looked and said ‘forget it’, I thought she had backed out and was about to stand up, but she didn’t, she turned around to put the biggest cock in her mouth, and straightened her legs to start placing the other cock towards her pussy. She pushed back, letting the strangers huge cock slide inside her, and started to lick and wank the bigger cock, it was to thick to get in her mouth, all she could manage was the head of his cock, so she focused on a hand job while trying to suck and lick him. After a while, she moved a little to take the cock in her pussy out, but then she but it back, and started slowly fucking it again, I was watching the cock in her mouth and had got hard again, I moved closer but she was to engrossed with what she had already and was moaning as these two massive erect cocks were at each end. It was only when I moved close that I noticed the guy’s cock wasn’t inside her pussy anymore, she has stuck it up her arse. That’s something she only ever let me do, and only when she was really randy or maybe a little sore at her front. He had his cock right inside her arse, I could se her arse being stretched wide, then in no time at all he stopped moving and my wife pushed right back onto him, he had shot his hot load deep into her arse, and she could feel each squirt inside her, that’s why she pushed right back. She moved away, the cock in her arse was gone. She turned around and started to prepare herself and put the massive cock into her. This wasn’t going to be easy for her, but I could see by her face she wanted it inside her really badly. Slowly she pushed herself onto this monster, and looked at me with her mouth and eyes wide open, she covered her mouth with one hand as if to say ‘OMG’, but what she said was ‘I can’t take that, it’s to big’. I walked infront of her and she grabbed my jeans, I lent over, put my hands around her arse and pulled her pussy apart, then she slowly started to take his cock, little by little, inch by inch, and I could her her moan like never before. As I was watching his cock start to stretch her pussy wide, each time she pushed back I could see the other guys cum running from her arse, and each time she pulled forward I could see my wife’s pussy being turned inside out with this guys monster cock. It had taken only a min before over half his cock was inside her, I pushed her back onto it more as she cried out ‘oh god’, then he started to thrust into her, she leaned right onto the wall so I couldn’t see his cock, but I could tell he was starting to fuck her faster and harder, deeper with each push, she was grabbing hold of my leg for her life, she was holding on so tight, and all of a sudden from the room next door we heard a load moan as a guy shot his load, a second later my wife squealed and gasped as she felt his cum rush right into her, deeper than I would ever reach, and as she started to pull away, I could see his cock covered in my wife’s white cream, she pulled away leaving his cock dangling like an elephant trunk, and she stood up and gave me a kiss, her legs shacking like mad, weak and trembling. The cock went, she got her knickers back on and skirt pulled down and we unlocked the door and walked down the stairs, heading out we passed the bar, and four guys were looking at us smiling. One guy, a big body builder type winked and smiled, the wife didn’t see, but I did, was he the massive cocky that fucked her arse ?, or the monster cock that stretched her pussy wide open and made her nearly collapse in a heap ?, we don’t know.
Later, back at the hotel, we got undressed and getting ready for bed, my wife pulled her knickers down and said ‘oh dear’ and laughed, she walked over, and showing me her soaking wet panties that were absolutely full of guys cum, I laughed and said ‘yeah, that’s a lot’ lol.

We are going back to Amsterdam in November, I hope it’s as good as 2013 😉

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