A guy visits his aunt and gets to meet her friend,


’m 20 and my biggest problem is that I’m absolutely not interested in girls my age and younger. I love mature babes, you know really old ones. I like when they’re 60 years old and senior, I just love when they have really big asses. I’m ready for anything just to fuck an elderly lady’s sexy ass. It’s all due to the story that happened soon after I turned 18. That summer I was fucking Mrs. Lopez who was 69. That’s how it happened.
I visited my aunt Judy. She was old too and she often asked me to help her round the house. That day I was home alone and didn’t really know what else to do but to go and watch my neighbors sunbathe in the backyard. It was really hot and they were wearing tiny bikinis. I got my binoculars to be able to watch their bodies in detail. One of the girls had a very small bikini and I could see her bush…. That made me so hot I got a boner and started masturbating. All of a sudden I heard a stern voice from somewhere behind me.
“What are you doing there, Paul?”
I looked round and saw our neighbor, Mrs. Lopez. She was my aunt’s good friend and often came over for a chat. She was 69, had a huge ass and really big sagging tits. She was chubby but pretty. She was married, her husband was a real asshole.
“Come here boy, I wanna talk to your aunt.” She said firmly.
It was the worst consequence possible. It was definitely something I didn’t want to endure. She was silent for a moment and then told me to follow her. We came in her house and sat down on the couch. She put her hand on my fly and started rubbing my dick. It made it hard again. Mrs. Lopez said I had to do what she said if I didn’t want her to talk about my voyeur sessions in the backyard.
She stood up and took off her dress. She had really big panties! She straddled on the couch and told me to lick her cunt and her ass. I was so excited and perplexed I was like a puppet doing everything she told me to. I was inhaling her smell. I pulled off her huge panties and started licking her bushy pussy and her large anus. Mrs. Lopez was all so wet! There were a lot of her juices all over my face and my hands. I buried my face in her fat stomach, dipping my nose in her gushing pussy. I was licking and licking and licking her holes… She was bucking and groaning in ecstasy.
In a while she pulled me closer and whispered:
“Fuck me!”
I took off my pants and mounted her. I failed to fuck her in that position, her pussy was just too large for my penis. She felt it too and turned round. She impaled her large anus on my dick and started riding it squeezing her anus muscles some very special way making me feel terrific sensations. She was riding me, crying and moaning. She was totally insatiable! By the moment she climaxed I’d already managed to cum trice.
“Great job Paul…. Let’s keep it in secret though. If you ever want sex, you can always come to me…” She whispered and fell asl**p immediately.
I was ecstatic! It was my first anal sex! I was about to stand up and leave when I glanced at Mrs. Lopez’s big fat ass… I had an urge to caress her body as if thanking her for the bliss she made me feel. I touched her body. Her buttocks were pale, cool and soft. Mrs. Lopez didn’t react to my actions. I spread her cheeks and saw her anus. It was stretched and there was my sperm flowing out of it. Just thinking I could fuck her butt hole any time I wanted and that she was always eager to feel my hard pecker in her mature asshole made me so hot again! Though I was pretty tired after those three times several minutes ago my dick was getting harder and soon I was screwing her anus again. I was ramming her harder and faster this time, Mrs. Lopez didn’t seem to feel anything at all. It was so awesome! I ejaculated deep in her rectum in about five minutes.
After that I spent some more time licking her anus and then dressed up and left. She didn’t wake up while I was there with her. I left her lying naked on the couch. When I got home my aunt was already there. She asked me where I’d been and I said I’d been helping Mrs. Lopez with moving the couch.
Well, it goes without saying I started spending all of my days with Mrs. Lopez. She was always happy to see me. There were times she was wearing some sexy lingerie when I came. Her eyes were always shining with desire and passion… every day… till I left her in the middle of August.

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