30 years from Tease to Sleaze


The fun part is much later, this is about how I led my aunt into experiencing being a slut late in life.

His wife, my aunt Saru, was a tease. She may not have had much in the breast department but she had very luscious hips and a cute slightly plumpy ass. Living in a remote town frustrated her. She was in her 30’s loved getting out and about and loved flirting with us. We never took it seriously but she was brazen, nicknaming me her boyfriend etc. Being my aunt, I avoided getting too involved. But the teasing kept getting intense.

When I was 16, my father passed away. Although my uncle was now the patriarch, he spent a lot of time on his plantation. I lived in a city 400 miles away. A lot of my holidays saw me shipped over to visit my grandmother who lived with him and his f****y.

One time, I was in the back of the car with her since my uncle was driving along with an elder and her hand never left my thigh. I clumsily put my hand on her thigh and she gave an acknowledging squeeze. Another time, which was even more brazen was when I was lying on a divan, chatting with the rest of the f****y, including my uncle, my mother and my grandmum. Saru comes along, flirts in front of my uncles and lies down along with me. She then presses my buttocks against me and oh boy, I was on fire. No one noticed anything except for what they thought was the mock flirting.

It was a challenge, maintaining a normal conversation, with her buttocks tightly against my crotch. To make it worse, she kept titillating me by clenching her buttocks in a pulsating manner. This was pure agony. Remember, this is in Kerala, India where the weather is hot and humid and was wearing thin short. I could not afford to come. After a while, I had to turn and keep my crotch firmly on the divan.

However, making a move on her was out of the question – one was my grandmother who is a light sl**per and the other, more moral fact that it is my father’s b*****r’s wife. Ah – dilemma’s.

The older houses in India have bathrooms with two doors – one to the bedroom and one opening outside to enable cleaning. One holiday, my uncle and grandmother were away. I came back from visiting a cousin early and noticed Raju, a 30 something plantation worker with a solid body entering her bathroom, after lunch. Saru always had a bath at this time after completing the household chores. This looked interesting. I slowly climbed and peeked.

Saru had lifted his loin cloth and was hungrily sucking his 8th inch black cock. Hungry means, she was gurgling. After a while, she stopped, turned around and lifted her housecoat. I saw her substantial buttocks. He plunged his cock into her and roughshod her. She whimpered but the pleasured expression on her face was amazing.

He spurted his seed into her, it was dripping out. I saw her cup her left hand to catch the dribble, rub her fingers in it and suck it up. (she had had a hysterectomy so she could go bareback without a problem).

I then heard a car drive up. I quickly made some sort of noise to warn of an intruder. It was my uncle returning. Raju walked out, with a beaming smile. He saw me with a knowing smile and acknowledged. I later teased my aunt hoping that she had a relaxing afternoon. She smiled but she knew that I knew.

God, after that, she was the subject of my wanking for a while. Nothing like seeing someone you know getting it good.

Roll forward 30+ years later.

My uncle had passed away. I moved and was living in the UK. I rarely touched base.

One day, I get a call out of the blue from my cousin – Aunty Saru was passing through on the way to the US. However, my cousins house was under renovation so could she stay in my house.

Hmmm, I kept thinking of her getting hammered by Raju but on the other hand, she was much older and must have mellowed. A bit of difficult situation. In the other hand, now that my uncle was no more, she was no longer his wife. But again, she is 60+. My mind was going wild.

As for me. I was footloose and fancy free.

A few days later, she arrived, my cousin had fetched her from Heathrow.

“Am really sorry about this but we will come and take her out during the week”

“Uh, ok”

I looked at Aunty Saru – although her face was attractive. Love handles had appreared on her midriff. Her voluptuous bottom was big. That is a turn on in another way. She was greying, her bust was relatively tiny. She was …well behaving like an aunt should. Well, times matures people.

We made small talk and I prepared dinner for her. Then it was time for bed. I showed her to her room and hunkered down to sl**p and then I heard it…I a roaring like moan! I realized she was snoring but make a moaning like noise when exhaling.

After an hour, I could not take it, so I went into her room, and gently repositioned her head. She woke up with a start.

“ For a minute, I thought you were trying to join me? She grabbed my arm

“ I might have been tempted 20 years ago, but I could not!”

“Whats stopping you now? We are both individuals”

With that, she threw the covers off and pulled me over. I gently kissed her and unplatted her hair ( I love the free and easy look). I stood her up and grabbed her big buttocks and pressed her crotch to mine. All issues of age were fading.

I pushed the straps of her nightdress and let fall. She removed my shirt. We kissed and held each other tight. I stuck my tongue in her and she sucked hard I could feel her nipples hardening on mine. I rubbed my hands on her hairy back and teased her love handles.

I stood back and dropped my pants. All 7 inches of me were at attention. I did not let het touch me yet. I started sucking her nipples and chewing her love handles and her floppy belly. I came to her frumpy panties and tongued around it. It was pungent and salty. I could feel her squirming. I took them off. Her snatch was really hairy. It took a bit off tongueing to liberate her clit. It suddenly stuck out. She was writhing. No one had done this to her before. All she had were quick brutal quickies. I guess my uncle was not exactly exciting in bed.

Her labia was floppy and wet, After tasting her, I inserted a finger then a couple more. I thrusting and she started bucking her hips and screamed in rapture. In the process, she accidently sprayed me

Her juices were salty but I was too far into it to be disgusted.

“Clean my face” – she licked my face and then went down on me.

She sucked hard. I could feel her tongue pulsating against my penis. She felt my first spam and stopped. She saw it glistening in precum and flopped forward.

“I don’t know if I can take your weight, take me this way, now!

I had to navigate her huge buttocks. I spread them and lifted them and slowly entered her. I then thrust hard. I could feel her flubby buttocks sucking me in. She was juiced up and as I hammered her, her snatch was squelching.

And then I came in her, dripping all over her pussy. I pushed on the bed and sucked my cum out of her. It was sticky and a little lumpy. I swirled it in my mouth with saliva while I turned her over. I then kissed her and f***ed my cum into her mouth. She sucked it willingly

I rolled over and we took a while to recover. She held my floppy manhood and tried to revivie it. I was knackered.

“It has been a long time, I wanted this so badly”

I then said, “what else do you want?’

“More men!”

I looked at her,

“I ve seen you get done by Raju, were there any more?”

“No, I knew enough on him to keep his silence, I have always wondered what it would be like to have two men”

I was tired and all I know was I was lying full length against her.

The next day.

During breakfast, she broached the question again.

“Let me try and show you”

Luckily, there was a banana on hand

I sat her on the table. I went down on her and tongued her deep, meanwhile, I started massaging her anus with my right hand. It was hairy and sweaty but I tickled it till I could feel it give and let my finger insert. It was warm down there but I needed some more lubricant. The olive oil bottle from last night’s dinner was on the tsble.

Saru was moaning, I told her to open the bottle and pour it on her belly. She poured until I felt the oil reach my forehead. I then took my left hand and wiped the oil on my forehead. I stuck my oily fingers in her anus and inserted the banana up her snatch. She came at once.

“ I need you to find me another man”

I told her, it is not that easy in such a short time.

“Never mind”, fix it up when I stop over on my return”

“Don’t you want to meet him”

“Surprise me, you select who ever, you also need to have me when he is there”

All I can say was that it was a tiring weekend, the things she could do to your balls in her mouth was amazing

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