2nd time with my pregnant cousin


So to continue from my 1st story my name is Mike I’ve just started fucking my pregnant cousin Dawn..well the next day after the car incident. She called my wife and was talking to her. I was a nervous wreck could she been telling my wife or what. My wife got off the phone with her & told me my cousin was having problems with her sink and for me to go check it . I thought oh hell yeah!!! So as I’m pulling up to her house she’s walking down the driveway toward her moms. She said it’s the kitchen sink to just go ahead and look at it she was talking her daughter to her mom’s and she’d be back. Well my cock dropped I was like oh hell she was really needing help as in a plumber. I get to her house and let myself in I’m moving cleaning supplies out from under there so I can climb under for a better look . So I get on my back with my head under the sink looking and feeling for water leak . She came in so I asked her does it only leak when the water is on ? She said yeah .. so I started checking the drain lines sure enough the ptrap was loose .I said here’s your problem right here . As I tightened it up I climbed out from under the sink. As I did I noticed that when she had came back in she’d got stark naked laying on the sofa. She looked up at me and said I had to get you here somehow . She reached out for my shorts with 1 pull she had them at my ankles . She didn’t waist no time she started devouring my cock mmm she sucked a mean cock. She could lick my balls with my cock in her mouth. To this day almost 20 years later she’s been the only one to ever do that. I finally break her away from my cock. I reach down and kiss her as I push her back on the sofa . I kiss down her huge tits they had big nipples on them I liked that as I kissed lower to her bellybutton I could feel the heat and smell that sweet smell of pussy. I couldn’t take it no longer I put a leg in each hand as I sprawled her out eagle my tongue found her honey hole . I still remember the taste it was so good I didn’t want to stop . But she pulled my head up and said that’s enough I need cock now. She rolled over on all 4s resting her head on the sofa arm . Reaching back spreading her ass cheeks. I was in heaven I could see her tight lil ass as I came up with my cock to her pussy I was rubbing the head on her clit. She was shaking all over by the time I got it in her . Not long after I got in her she was cumming hard . Her bucking quit and she just laid there like she was passed out . Well I was still slowly grinding my cock into her . So I thought why not I pulled out and inched it towards her asshole I was pushing it with the head of my cock . Still she didn’t move or say a word so I pulled back and wiped a lil spit in the head and moved back in . She finally moved not to make me stop but she spread her ass cheeks again giving me full access. This time it was tight but I glided on in damn soon as I got in she was cumming again. So I thought to myself I’m fixing to beat this ass up. It wasn’t long after I started pounding on her ass I started to have my own massive orgasm as I blew my load deep In my cousins ass she was cumming again. Well after I got home my wife asked me about my cousins plumbing so I said I had to lay some pipe but I got it fixed for now. .. p.s my wife gave me a blowjob later that night but that’s a different story. .

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